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    Question API & Example Code Licensing Question

    tl;dr: I want to use Nokia PC Connectivity API 3.2 example code as base for an open source project.

    gday everyone,

    I am considering to spend some time on implementing that long overdue sync solution between Nokia PC Suite and Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning (making this a Windows-only solution, but thats what i, and probably a few other people, need). My current plan would be to write a plugin for Sunbird, and a C++ glue code .dll that is [scriptable] via the Mozilla XPConnect interface and heavily based on the PIMNavigator example application packaged with the Nokia PC Connectivity API 3.2. Nokia has placed the following license on this piece of source code:
    Copyright (c) 2007 Nokia Corporation.

    This material, including but not limited to documentation and any related
    computer programs, is protected by intellectual property rights of Nokia
    Corporation and/or its licensors.
    All rights are reserved. Reproducing, modifying, translating, or
    distributing any or all of this material requires the prior written consent
    of Nokia Corporation. Nokia Corporation retains the right to make changes
    to this material at any time without notice. A copyright license is hereby
    granted to download and print a copy of this material for personal use only.
    No other license to any other intellectual property rights is granted.
    Since this would require me to, err, print out all the code in that very handy Visual Studio project and start coding from scratch, I would like to request a writ of consent from Nokia to use the example code as base for my work.

    If I go ahead with it, I will release my product as open source and free of charge (not forgoing a Paypal donate button, but still), so the license I'd like to request is to a private person and for developing a non-profit product. After looking around on Forum Nokia, I haven't been able to locate the right place to apply for this kind of license, thus I'm asking for pointers from the community here. Replies from Nokia officials are highly appreciated as well, of course

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    Re: API & Example Code Licensing Question

    Forum Nokia is for On Device Development only and only that part of the PC Suite tools. You should go to http://www.nokia.com/support for answers on this question.


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    Re: API & Example Code Licensing Question

    quick update: I had a brief chat with a german Nokia support callcenter agent who was convinced that Forum Nokia would be the place to go to with questions of this type, but I went ahead and also reposted my question on the european section of the Nokia Support Discussions board. I'll come back and complain if that does not yield any useful answers

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