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    Will PyS60 1.9.x include ctypes module?

    Since ctypes is a standard module of python 2.5

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    Re: Will PyS60 1.9.x include ctypes module?

    It is currently not in our product backlog. Please file an enhancement request for the same.

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    Re: Will PyS60 1.9.x include ctypes module?

    In order to use the plot capabilities of the math library "sympy" with pys60 2.0.0, ctypes module is required. But this module is available only for pys60 1.4.5 (I suppose). In my phone both pys60 1.4.5 and 2.0.0 are installed but I can run codes that call ctypes only with pys60 1.4.5 and not 2.0.0. Can pys60 v2.0.0 recognizes the ctypes module (that was designed for old version of python-mobile) with some triks?
    Thank you

    --sympy is a python library for symbolic/numeric math that can run with pys60 based on python 2.5.4, so all version like 1.9.x or 2.0.0, the very last version--

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