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    XHTML in Toolkit 3.1

    Hiya, I'm a complete novice so please be patient with me

    I'm trying to build an xhtml mp site and all appears to be going well until I actually try to view the pages in the toolkit once they have been uploaded to my server.

    The pages that worked fine when I clicked 'show' while they were stored locally now just load up and display the source in the phone browser window when they are coming from my server.

    I don't think there is a problem with the pages themselves, as I've even tried the simplest pages that the toolkit produces by default and I get the same effect.

    The address of the test page which I'm trying to get working is:

    Any help would be very much appreciated. I'm not sure if its something that I'm doing wrong, something I need to ask my ISP to do, or a whole new approach thats needed.



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    You might like to check your web server configurations. You will need to set some mime types for wml and xhtml components. For more detail, you might like to refer to the "MIME Types" section of the document "Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit XHTML Guidelines" available for download in our "Documents" section.


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