hi there

i make game on Nokia 7210 and Nokia 7650 for J2ME

then i run this game in Nokai 7210 Emulator
this game is run well

but the game is not run on Nokia 7650 emulator
i don't change any code. but Nokia 7650 emulator is load the game
then Nokia 7650 emulator is put out message on messages box.
the message is "Nokia Series 60 MIDP SDK Beta 0.1: Event handler threw: java.lang.NullPointerException"

and i see "java heap 116Kb" on Nokai 7650 emulator monitor
but my JAR file size is 71Kb. why heap size increase?

i didn't think for what problem is that
i didn't change any source code but the Nokai 7650 emulator put out message that "java.lang.NullPointerException"

why appear this problem?
i agony many time for this problem . but i didn't find what's matter
is there anyone hlep me?

ps : i'm not american. so my expression is poor. i think you are understand me