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    Question Netbeans & emulator problem

    Hi guys. I'm trying to get the S40 nokia nfc SDK emulator to work with Netbeans but without much progress.
    This is what it outputs when I try to run the program to the emulator:

    Jad URL for OTA execution: http://localhost:8082/servlet/org.ne...plication2.jad
    Starting emulator in execution mode

    Usage: emulator [-options] [Application]
    where options include:
    -help Display this text
    -version Display version information about the emulator
    -classpath The class path for the VM
    -Xverbose[:allocation | gc | gcverbose | class | classverbose | verifier
    | stackmaps | bytecodes | methods | methodsverbose | frames
    | stackchunks | exceptions | events | threading | monitors
    | networking | all
    Enable verbose output
    -Xquery Print SDK option information and immediately exit
    -Xnew Forces a new emulator instance to be created, even if
    an existing emulator instance may be available for reuse.
    -Xuse:<phone number>
    Specifies a particular emulator instance to be reused, if that emulator
    instance exists and emulator instance reuse has been enabled.
    Specifies the message tracing level (0 to 9) for the KVM debug proxy.
    -Xdebug Use a remote debugger
    Debugging options
    -Xdevice:<device name>
    Name of the device to be emulated
    -Xdescriptor:<jad file name>
    The JAD file to be executed
    -Xjam[:install=<jad or jar file url>]
    Java Application Manager and support
    for Over The Air provisioning (OTA)
    (e.g. 65536 or 128k or 1M)
    Specifies the VM heapsize
    Defines the address and port number of the http proxy.
    -Xinbox:<file path>
    Specifies the path for the message inbox directory.
    -Xlanguage:<language name>
    Specifies the language for the SDK to operate in.
    -Xoutbox:<file path>
    Specifies the path for the message outbox directory.
    -Xontop If specified the SDK GUI window will always be on top of all
    other windows.
    -Xsecurity_domain:<domain name>
    Specifies a security domain for the MIDlet.
    Domain name can take the one of following values: Trusted, Untrusted, Maximum, Minimum.

    Emulator: Device 'Nokia6212' is not found.

    I have tried to find the answare but without much progress. I appreciate all the help I can get.

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    Re: Netbeans & emulator problem


    I have used such combination before without problems. Which version of NetBeans are you using? Are you sure you have added the newest S40 emulator as Java ME Platform (Java Platforms config)?
    Juarez Alvares Barbosa Junior - Brazil

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