Symbian Developer: ZOS Communications ( or


Job Description:
Mobile Device Application Development Team is seeking a Symbian Developer to work on an LBS mobile device application.

Job Requirements:
* Experience in mobile handset application development
* Extensive experience in C++, Object Oriented Analysis and Design is essential
* Knowledge of Symbian and Series 60 is required, with experience of S60 9.x
* Extensive experience in location aquisition techniquies on the symbian platform (GPS, Cell ID, Cell tower triangulation, Network, etc..)
* Experience in interfacing and communicating with external data via web service calls
* Experience in maintaining Local Database in the S60 device to work as a data store for the local application
* Experience in sending/recieving and parsing of XML data when interacting via external internet based communications
* Experience in developing creative and functional UI for mobile apps with an understanding of formatting for various devices - including devices that rotate screens between landscape and protrait, and where the devices may have standard keypad OR touchscreen input.
* Symbian Signing - experience in designing apps properly for symbian signing, and getting apps successfully through the symbian signed process
* 4+ years relevant experience preferred
* Experience working and delivering as a team in a large project
* Knowledge of mobile applications like messaging and email
* BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent is required
* Familiarity with Software library solutions - SVN is preferred
* Familiarity with bug/issue tracking systems

Job location Requirments:
* Initial 2 - 4 weeks - In order to "come up to speed" quickly, the initial 2 to 4 weeks of the project will need to be done in Newark (Rochester), NY working directly with the core product development team.
* Continued Work - continued work may be done from a remote office

Skills needed:
Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills, Detailed Oriented, Analytical, Problem Solving/Troubleshooting skills, Flexibility, Creativity, Initiative, Proactive Learner, Commitment to Task, High Work Quality Standard. Ability to stay focused and work on multiple tasks throughout the day.