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    Help me test this application

    I wrote a chat MIDlet, but this one is meant for constrained devices such as mobile phones and, necause of this, I've been trying to keep it as simple as possible.

    If you feel like helping me testing it, you can either download it and install it via wap pointing to http://www.chatzone.net/wap/ or, failing that, download both ChatZone.jad and ChatZone.jar to your PC first and install it by whatever mean is supported by your device.
    Point your web browser to http://www.chatzone.net and click on "Chat Now "on the left of the page to go to the download page.

    Devices reporting to be working so far: 3510i, 6610 e 9210 (via midpui software).

    Many thanks in advance!


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    email me your codes

    Hi I 'm programming with Nokia 7650 3650 phones, I can test it .
    Email me to gabrielp@neocontent.com
    Very luck

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