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    Getting error: KerrNotSupported while playing a .wav file on pys60

    Hi there,

    I'm new to pys60 programming..so please excuse any silly queries o mine.

    I was just trying to play a .wav file on my N82 using the following commands
    on the interactive console.

    >>import audio

    I got the error:
    SymbianError:[Error -5] Error playing file:KerrNotSupported

    I'm using Python 1.4.2 final version.Please help.

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    Re: Getting error: KerrNotSupported while playing a .wav file on pys60

    Can you try with another file? Just to rule out the issue is with the file.

    Try if this works.

    s = audio.Sound.open(u"E:\\TEST.WAV")
    s.play() # plays last 5 seconds of environmental noise

    NOTE: The latest PyS60 version in the 1.4.x series is 1.4.5. Please upgrade to that.

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