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    ...This Express signing seems quite complicated when doing it the first time also the specs are hard to understand - apart from my other problem (posted earlier) I'm wondering about the submission criteria for flash lite express signing:

    Check-01 - USER GUIDE: It'd really help to see an example of such a document - Can sombody please post one just as an example?
    Is it that readme.txt file?

    Check-02 - EMBEDDED SIS - Does this relate to SIS within a SIS ? Just got one SIS File - so this is probably not relevant to me

    Check-04 - VALID PUBLISHERID: Do they mean the cer & key files from the TCT? or do they need signing it with the cer file generated with the DevCert Tool?

    Check-06 - Do I understand it right that I need for FlashLite : NetworkServices, ReadUserData, WriteUserData with the comment "capability is used for loading flash2ui.dll using Library API"

    Check-07 - Backup - What do I've to do there? - My FlashLite is just passive content... Not sure if there's a backup required?

    And finally
    Do I understand it right : ALL UNI-tests do are not relevant to me, because FlashLite is treated as passive content?

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    Re: Symbian-Signed-Test-Criteria

    Please read the step by step guide Here

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    Re: Symbian-Signed-Test-Criteria

    I've been working on this for awhile now. I have the guides, and althought I've been reading and testing and going by the docs, they aren't always that clear.

    Because you need capabilities for Flash Lite as you stated in UNI-06, you cannot pass the SIS file off as passive content, even though you are submitting a SWF and a swf is technically passive content. If you require those capabilities in a SIS file, it is not passive. So you must test against all 11 UNI tests.

    Embedded sis in a sis is just what it means and how you described it. If you read the UNI tests to go with the checklist you will find more definition. And yes a Valid publisher id is a Cert/Key from TCT that you pay 200 dollars us for. And finally for Check-07, I believe there is an exemption from that check/test if your app doesn't require backing up. My content doesn't require it, so I am using that as the exemption. If you do require it, you need to add the XML to your pkg file that registers the app with the backup system.

    I'd like to know if you've progressed to any signing options yet, as I am still working my way through some of the same issues you posted here. Did you manage to complete your testing as passive content and sign the app or did you end up going the active content route and express signing that way?

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