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    Question Moving from standard widget to homescreen widget

    I have been creating normal widgets for a while and find them easy to create with just a .plist and .html file needed. But i was hoping to create a widget that had a homescreen element to it aswell and can't find any easy to understand tutorials on how to do it, could someone explain to me? Is it just a matter of adding more lines to the .plist file and creating a separate html file?

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    Re: Moving from standard widget to homescreen widget


    homescreen is a great feature, you can put this "view" in the home screen device. Homescreen works in WRT with two points:
    • First: you need enable this feature in info.plist. Just include this line:
    • Second: You can't create another html, because in WRT just one html file can be use. And how you use the homescreen? Easy, you just create a <div> with the specific attributes. You can see these attributes in WRT documentation online, you must hide all div's and show just the homescreen div. Below you have an example how this work: (you must put this method in resize event.
      	selectModeView: function(){
      		lastHeight = window.innerHeight;
      		lastWidth = window.innerWidth;
      		if (window.innerHeight < 150) {
      			return 'minivew';
      		else {
      			hide('div homescreen'));
      			 if (window.innerWidth > 250 && window.innerWidth <= 340){
      				return 'landscape';
      			} else if (window.innerWidth > 340 && window.innerWidth <= 500){
      				return 'touch portrait';
    Javier Zambrano Ferreira

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