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    Red face Things I found are missing in nokia 5800 Express Music

    Tsup guys,

    I`m having this new release of nokia s60 5th edition (Nokia 5800 Express Music) but since I bought it last month I`ve started discover some features are not working as I always used to see them to my previous handset (Nokia n73-1).
    At my previous nokia n73 when I`m on playing music that I`ve store in my handset and then the I receive the sms message its only makes a light beep sound even if I`m on profile that setted another alter tune for sms but in this nokia 5800 when sms comes in the middle of track playback its pause for a time from plyaing the song then start ring the current profile`s sms alter tune then keep on playing the track.

    On the side of adding sms recipients, if your forwading an sms to more than one person then you`ve started adding recipients by either searching or scrolling you might face some of the contacts doesn`t appear in your list after adding some others even if you do it by search contacts for typing the first alphabets of the recipients you are searching. So in order to get them you`ve to select OK then select the ADD RECIPIENTS again then you will find the contacts that were not seen before.

    Lastly, on the message writing. When I use the HANDWRITING style, I can write my things well but still up to know I`ve not yet find the area where I can erase the words that I`ve wrotes. Instead I`m supposed to change the keyboard type so as I can get the erease key. Can anybody help me to locate where can I find the erease key when I`m in mode of HANDWRITING style that uses a given special touch-screen pencil.

    I`m using it which means I`II keep discover many more things that seems these nokia have lack in this model & if there is anybody else found something please don`t hesitate to contribute here too.


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    Eddy... Regarding the erase key for handwriting mode... if you draw a horizontal line on the screen it will delete the last character... Try it out...

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