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    Web server *locally* on the phone?

    Has anyone ever tried to run a web server *locally* on the phone?
    The reason for that strange question: My application is required to store all its data encrypted and password protected. This is no problem for text and pictures, because I can decrypt them when my app reads them. However, for data that needs external apps (such as PDF files), I see no other way than making them available via a web server which runs on the phone and decrypts the data for each request. The phone's browser can then display the data (and launch e.g. Acrobat Reader when a PDF is opened).

    I tried writing a small demo server with javax.microedition.io.ServerSocketConnection. It seems to run, but the browser won't connect to it. Is there a security restriction which keeps the browser from opening local connections?

    Or does anybody see an alternative way for displaying encrypted data with a third party app? My platform, the E66, doesn't have the content handler API.

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    Re: Web server *locally* on the phone?


    Do you know the Mobile Web Server project? Maybe it is what you are looking for...


    Best regards,
    Juarez Alvares Barbosa Junior - Brazil

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