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    Angry Page info in CEikEdwin

    I am developing a text viewing software. I used a CEikEdwin to hold the loaded text from files. I need to implement page-related functions.

    For page up/down function in the editor, I find the MoveCursorL can do this work.
    However, I still can not find the following functions related to page:

    1. I want to know how many pages totally in the editor after loading the whole file.
    2. I want to know the current page number that I am reading.
    3. I need to scroll the editor to the specific page number. For example, page down to page 15.
    4. I want to judge if currently it is the first page, or last page.

    Does anybody know the solution? Thanks!

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    Re: Page info in CEikEdwin

    Since you have mentioned MoveCursorL, you have checked the CTextView already. The other important part of an editor is the text itself, CPlainText apparently has some support for tracking page positions, however it says the relevant document positions have to be calculated by the developer.

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