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    Building a project for a mobile device

    I'm currently creating a small application to run it on a mobie device of which I don't know the model name. Of course, it's a nokia smart phone N blahblah~~~.
    I found there're several choices I could make in carbide c++ IDE. such as emulator debug and release, 4 phone debug and release options(each of which is for armv5, gcce repectively).
    here's the question. what shall I do to get an executable file which runs on a certain nokia mobile device.
    I did GCCE release build a few menute ago and I wonder it's right and what's the next thing for me to do?
    I appreciate any kinds of help. thanks~!

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    Re: Building a project for a mobile device

    Get a tutorial from somewhere.
    And/or check the training videos (http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...raining_Videos). Although they are about a slightly older Carbide, the steps did not change. Obviously I have not watched it here and now, but I would expect that the last one (which is 50 minutes long) shows deployment too.

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    Re: Building a project for a mobile device

    Build your application with Phone Release (GCCE) configuration, make sis file, sign it, transfer on device and install the app. See the SDK documentations for getting details (or training videos as already suggested by Wizard_hu_).

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