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    Forceing Portrait Mode on n97


    I'm developing an application that MUST work only in portrait mode. This means that when changing orientation manually (for example, opening the n97 QWERTY keyboard) the application has to stay in portrait (by default, it changes to landscape).

    I tried setting the AppUi's BaseConstructL flags to force the application to be only Portrait but nothing happens. When opening the QWERTY keyboard, the application keeps changing to landscape:
    BaseConstructL( EAknEnableSkin | EAppOrientationPortrait );
    Secondly, I tried to change the screen orientation when the first screen (splash) is shown (in the DoActivateL function):
    But nothing is solved. Even if n97 is in landscape mode when I execute the application, it still keeps the landscape mode.

    I have tried many other applications and no-one keeps the portrait mode when opening the keyboard. Only the system camera keeps the same orientation when opening/closing the keyboard. For that, I guess it’s possible to do it but I cannot find out.

    Any help would be appreciate. Thanks

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    Re: Forceing Portrait Mode on n97

    You can still try the old-school method: check for KEikDynamicLayoutVariantSwitch in HandleResourceChange/L, and switch back to portrait orientation.

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