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    Angry Another failure publishing to Ovi

    This is getting ridiculous!
    We have spent MONTHS, trying to publish to the Ovi store. In contrast the much younger Sony Ericsson store is working splendidly and the RIM store is practically perfect.

    Our application is JavaVerified, we actually payed the price for going through the whole process just because of Ovi (because of the LACK OF COMMUNICATION by Nokia). So it is signed, officially by a known signing authority. It was accepted as signed to other stores and operators... The exact same version that we submitted to Nokia.

    Yet Nokia keeps rejecting our submission after MONTHS of waiting each time no less! With unclear information and not a single point of contact we can discuss the reason with! (unlike every other store which has an email that actually sends replies).

    It seems to me from the comments on this board that Ovi is a ridiculously badly managed failure due to the lack of communications and support. I'm just sorry we wasted our time, energy & money on this.

    This is the exact INCORRECT response from Nokia:
    Comments from the QA team:
    Failed Case 1: Unsigned Application
    Summary: Application was not properly signed
    Requirement: All application and contents being submitted to Nokia must be certified through trusted foundations such as Java Verified or Symbian Signed and must obtain a signed certificate before it is accepted through Publish to Ovi.
    Steps to conduct the test:
    1. Select the application/content to download.
    2. Observe the error message when the user downloads the file: " Application is not from a trusted supplier. Continue anyway?"
    Expected Results: The application should not display any warning messages. The application must be signed. (public, Moderation in progress -> Qa failed)

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    Re: Another failure publishing to Ovi

    You can contact publisher support at publistoovi.support@nokia.com the team has been functional since early June. Submit your query and indicate your content file name.

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