Since Nokia discontinued Carbide.j I've downloaded the Java SDK 3rd FP1 (targetting Nokia N82) and Eclipse 3.5.0. You are supposed to install a plug in so Eclipse can create a S60 MIDLet, but I can't find out how to do this. all the Symbian installation documentation seems to be based on Carbide.j which they dicontinued a while ago, and no longer even make available for download.

So does anyone know of installation instructions for the Java SDK with Eclipse 3.5.0 (the latest version)?
Or know how to do it?
Or know how to do it with an older verison of Eclipse, and where I can get that version.

It was so easy with android. They just had screen shot after screen shot, based on the current verion of the SDKs, showing how to do what was a rather complicated download.