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    Performance drop during screen rotation

    I finally developed a user interface that can transform animated from portrait to landscape. I used the Qt preview to do that but that should not realy matter. I locked the screen orientation to portrait because I do screen rotation on my own. When I trigger the animation with some keypress, it gets played fine. If I connect the orientation sensor and let the orientation change trigger my animation, the animations stops in the middle and takes some seconds to continue. For me, it seems like the device is very busy during screen rotation and it makes no sense to try to play an animation in the meantime.

    I use a Nokia 5800.

    Here is my questions:
    1) Can anyone reproduce this? You can try out a Qt version with the tubewiz-demo application.
    2) Had anyone sucess playing an animation during orientation change with the native toolkit? Because it might be a Qt specific thing and might get sorted out till the release.
    3) Are there any tricks to prevent the device doing anything after screen rotation? Because my application runs fullscreen, I see no reason why the device should do anything.

    From my current experience, I will drop the animation for orientation changes but will play it when the user requests manual rotation.

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    Re: Performance drop during screen rotation

    Yes I observed this drop of performance, especially on 3.1 devices (N82). On 5.0 and 3.2 this drop is not so large as on 3.1 in my opinion.
    I think that when phone is rotated from sensor information about rotation, every app is rotating. When you play animation in your app by key press, other apps are doing nothing or some low priority tasks. That is the difference.
    Also qt is slower in its beta releases in my opinion.

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