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    Newie: Need some help

    Hello everybody!
    I am totally new to the Symbian development so please excuse me for basic questions.
    I would like to write a UI application which (one part of it) will resemble WLAN connectivity: let's say I will have a button. One would press that button and you should see a progress bar (standard blue) with the word Updating and the right soft key's label should change to cancel (functional). After the update is completed the progress bar disappears and the right soft key's label changes to Done.
    What controls implement that? Names could be fine, I will search on how to use them. Small code snippet would be awesome :)
    Another thing - could you please advice me on a starter book for Symbian C++ in carbide.c++ IDE programming.
    Thanks in advance, Alex.

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    Re: Newie: Need some help

    You should simply search for the word progress in the Wiki.

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