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    Would anyone on-device debug the 5th version

    I want to install s60_5_0_app_trk_3_0_8.sisx to mobile and the 5800XpressMusic says "trk has been combined in the system", but when i start debug in the IDE Carbide it says cannot connect to trk agent. Anyone experienced the same problem, or anyone could help me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Would anyone on-device debug the 5th version

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Developer Discussion Boards.

    Try to install latest AppTRK (3.1.2) from Carbide.c++'s "Remote connections" manager.

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    Re: Would anyone on-device debug the 5th version

    Also note that TRK has to be started.

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    Re: Would anyone on-device debug the 5th version

    Yep. You need to start the TRK app and it must say connected on the screen! Connect the handset to PC suite before launching TRK usually helps - if PC suite can see the handset, so can Carbide.

    Then, make sure you have the right settings in Carbide!!
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    Re: Would anyone on-device debug the 5th version

    Here are some useful tips to follow for on-device debugging.

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