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    Nokia UI vs MIDP 2.0

    i'm studing the differences between the Nokia UI API and MIDP2.0.

    Can anyone tell me what are these differences?And indicate me the URL of some documents which explain these differences, if it's possible.

    thank you very much.

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    Since the MIDP 1.0 has very limited sound and graphics capabilities, Nokia UI API is made to solve the problem temporarily. In general speaking, Nokia UI API implements the followings:

    1. access the low level image pixel data.
    2. support alpha channel transparency.
    3. full canvas drawing
    4. sound support
    5. viberation and backlight control

    MIDP 2.0 implements a new Game API and partly implemets the MMAPI, which have the similar capability as the Nokia UI API.

    The detailed compares can be refrenced from the Java docs, which can be downloaded from the Forum Nokia website and Sun website.


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