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    How to select a positioning method among many

    let's assume there's a mobile device which has an internal gps and an external bluetooth GPS attached to it. Certaily, the B-GPS gives much more accurate location coordinates than the internal GPS. So I'd like to use the B-GPS on my application. It seemed that choosing a positioning method is performed by Applicatoins->Location->Positioning->Positioning Methods->(Enable/Disable) to me a long time ago. However as I read acquisiton API, it seems that I have to set up which module will be used in codes manually.
    which is right?
    Would you let me know how to choose a positioning method so as to my application can acquire latitude and longitude which are more accurate?

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    Re: How to select a positioning method among many

    It is the end-user that has the power of enabling one or other positioning method, through the positioning settings, depending on his needs and preferences.

    In your application you can enumerate the supported positioning technologies, see which ones are enabled by the user and, out of these, select the one best suitable for you (if indeed you have a preference).
    -- Lucian

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