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    Exclamation Raw aacPlus + Parametric Stereo bitstream is not decoded to stereo in N78

    I had RAW AAC file which ripped by using Streamripper, file is aacPlus included Parametric Stereo downmixed bitstream from - AACPlus 32kbps.

    I uploaded raw aac into memory card, and played it.
    I heard the music through original Nokia stereo earphone, but mono.
    (Tried different earphones but remain the same)

    I did search online for solution,
    i. Mux raw aac bitstream into MP4 container.
    Finally, N78 played it with Real Player (Video) and decoded to stereo.
    Since it's Video Player and doesn't contain equalizer, stereo wideness and etc.

    ii. Re-encode, quality lost.

    I did tried to play muxed file in other eAAC+ supported phone like Sony Ericsson, they are all decoded to stereo in Music Player.

    My question is why the file is not decoded to stereo in Music Player on NOKIA N78?
    How is yours?

    Original RAW aac
    4Shared >> test.aac

    Muxed into MP4 container
    4Shared >> test.mp4

    Please lend me your hands! T_T
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