When using the Java PIM API on S40, I encountered that it is not possible to create an Event which has a tone alarm (even in the 6th edition emulator). A few posts on the discussion board spoke about the same problem without a solution. This is particularly strange, because it is possible to make an Event with tone alarm when I use the S40 built-in calendar utility. In addition I was wondering why this is set to "silent" and not to "tone" by default. If one is in a meeting and don't want to get disturbed, he could set his phone in silent profile to get a temporary silent alarm, leaving the possibility to set it to "tone" in other circumstances. So I would suggest changing the default alarm to "tone" instead of "silent" in the S40 Java PIM API implementation.

Besides this suggestion, I currently have the problem not to know how I could solve this problem in my application design. The pushregistry seems not to be a reliable solution, e.g. what happens when the phone is swithed off and my application can't make a new timer registry?

As this seems to me to be a little S40 implementation change, is it possible to implement my suggestion in a firmware update, so I could update the phones before installing my midlet?

Thanks in advance