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    Unhappy Change icons on published application (QA)

    My problem:
    I had two applications already published on OVI store, and I wanted to change all icons (stream icons and promotional images).
    To do that I needed to unlock the content. After replacing the pictures ( I only changed the pictures, nothing else ) I locked the content of both applications and I needed to wait for a QA.
    After 10 days one application passed QA and the other didn't. But this one that didn't pass QA was the same application that month before passed the QA , the same .sis file and I didn't change anything else than pictures.
    The reason it didn't pass is the incompatibility with N97, but I have installed it successfully on N97 from OVI Store before - that same .sis file. Than I removed N97 from distribution list, locked the content and after one month I am still waiting my application to pass QA - it has still pending status.


    1.) Why can't I just change application icons without unlocking all content and than wait a month for my application that is already tested to be tested again ???


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    Re: Change icons on published application (QA)

    i fully understand your pain, we are in the same situation. at the moment we just try to avoid QA by all means. QA is real problem with OVI, Nokia just to accept the fact and try to fix it as soon as possible. i would suggest hiring a professional QA testing team for mobile content.

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    Re: Change icons on published application (QA)

    We've had the same problems with having to go through QA when we changed our price, although we never actually disappeared from the store (which was our concern)

    I think the problems with the Ovi Store QA is that any change currently means QA approval is required.

    I'd think they need to change that so that each field has differing levels:

    Automatic (such as changing the price, removing devices from the list)
    Minimum check (icons / description, just to check for obscenities, this could also become automatic as a publisher becomes more trusted)
    Full testing (changed SIS file, added in new supported devices).

    Then maybe the QA wouldn't be wasting time retesting unneccesarily and the whole publishing process may run along a bit quicker.

    I'm sure they'll iron out these issues as they mature.

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    Re: Change icons on published application (QA)


    The Publish to Ovi system is a a continual work in progress. The R & D team is working on future releases that would address changes to metadata (but not the app itself)

    Thank you.

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    Re: Change icons on published application (QA)

    I have made the same mistake too, unfortunately. I didn't read the ovi publish guideline/documentation. But I have no idea merely unlocking will take the app down from ovi store. Can anything be done to avoid the long QA?

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    Re: Change icons on published application (QA)


    Please email publishtoovi.support@nokia.com with the following

    Subject: issue with content (name)

    Publisher name

    Thank you

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