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Thread: [E71] GPS

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    Question [E71] GPS

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having a problem with my E71. Generally when I start my navigation GPS receiver seems to loose a signal or shows wrong localization. Let me describe a situation in more details.

    Currently I'm using Garmin XT just to compare with Nokia Maps. Last time I used it, application recounted my route 6 times in 20 miles of my way! The problem is (I think) that when there are a lot of details on the map sometimes it shows that I'm on the street next to that I'm currently driving. The biggest problem is even when I'm on the motorway and there is simply just only straight way, nothing else... and sometimes GPS shows I'm out of my road... just simply "somewhere".

    Originally I thought that it's a fault of GPS receiver or maybe symbian drivers (?) or compability of GPS software, but I ran Nokia Maps... and what ? The same. Maybe not exactly, but Nokia Maps can get lost on the simple straight motorway too. It's really annoying as I have not got any occasion to drive with nav in a big city. I presume it's simply not possible from experience I have already had.

    I'm wondering now where is the problem, if may it be something broken ? I don't believe that Nokia would have released so bad device.

    I would like to get to know how does it look like on the other phones you've got. Do you have similar problem ?

    Thank you for any help and answers in advance.

    p.s. My symbian version is the lastest one (don't know exact which one) as I ran software updater which said version I had was up to date.


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    Re: [E71] GPS

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Developer discussion board, as this DiBo concentrates on development related issues, you might find more end-user problems related Dibo better suited for your query. Here's link for one: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

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