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    Problem in running python extension

    Hi all,
    I am trying to run a python extension on N95 phone. The python extension is


    I am successful to run it in the emulator but when i am trying to run on my device i am getting the following error

    Import error: Permission denied. Check that _progressnotes.pyd is compiled to have atleast the same capability
    as python interpreter process
    I followed to following process for building and installing

    1) I am using carbide C++ express. So I built the extension and generated the unsigned package from the following pkg file. So after
    the device build the unsigned sis file got generated.
    ;Language - standard language definitions
    ; UID is the dll's UID
    #{"testmod DLL"},(0xE748F758),1,0,0
    ;Localised Vendor name
    ;Unique Vendor name
    ;Supports Series 60 v 3.0
    [0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}
    "$(EPOCROOT)Epoc32\release\$(PLATFORM)\$(TARGET)\_progressnotes.pyd"		  -"c:\sys\bin\_progressnotes.pyd"
    "$(EPOCROOT)Epoc32\data\z\resource\apps\progressnotes.rsc"		-"!:\resource\apps\progressnotes.rsc"
    "..\sis\progressnotes.py"		    -"c:\resource\progressnotes.py"
    2) I signed the sis file from symbian signed online.
    3) I signed PythonScriptShell_1_4_5_3rdEd_unsigned_testrange.SIS from symbian signed online
    4) I installed PythonForS60_1_4_5_3rdEd.sis on phone
    5) Then I installed signed version of PythonScriptShell_1_4_5_3rdEd_unsigned_testrange.SIS
    6) Then I installed the signed sis file of the extension
    7) Then I installed test_progressnotes.py in E:\Python
    6) Then I tried to run the above script from the python shell and got the error.

    Please guide me to solve this issue.

    warm regards,

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    Re: Problem in running python extension

    Quote Originally Posted by kkc_123 View Post
    1) I am using carbide C++ express
    Install latest version Carbide.c++ 2.0. It's free.



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    Re: Problem in running python extension

    Hi All,
    Do I also need to sign the PythonForS60_1_4_5_3rdEd.sis and install??. I downloaded this from sourceforge.
    Is this a signed version or not??.
    I tried to get it signed from symbian signed online but i gave error shwing that UID range not matching the email address.

    Please throw some light on these issues.

    warm regards,

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    Re: Problem in running python extension

    You don't have to sign that. The Python runtime is already signed with more capabilities than can be accessed through online signing.

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