Hi all

I try to make the following scenario works on a Nokia 6131 NFC:

1. PC application talks to phone SE with apdu.
2. Midlet autostarts on phone, interacts with a user and talks to SE.
3. PC application talks to midlet through NFC (nfc-p2p?) or to SE again.

The main problem is how to autostart midlet. If I use pushRegistry with "secure-element:?aid=...", midlet autostarts only after phone is removed from the reader.
So between steps 1 and 2 user needs to remove phone from the reader and put it back again for step 3.

I'm trying to find how to autostart midlet from PC, but haven't found any way yet.

Can someone help me with a way to either autostart midlet without removing it from a reader after SE transaction or how to autostart midlet from PC?
I'm not familiar with NDEF, is it possible to "transmit NDEF message" from PC side or something like that to use NDEF record push (or "nfc:undefined_format" push) on a phone?