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    Deployment of an app

    After some serious fighting with the dev environment I have partially succeeded with a nasty hacky shortcut.
    I wanted a second application very much like one I had written already, the reason was to test multiple applications accessing a server.
    The second application now builds, the exe is in the winscw\udeb directory the same as the first application.
    With the 'debug' option of the emulator the first application starts and works fine, the second one doesn't.
    On using the main application screen it appears the first application is showing in the 'installations' directory, the second application isn't.
    I guess there is some other piece of magic that isn't occuring, if anyone can point to that and help me out I would be very relieved.

    Other points:
    Yes I have already checked and I have to different UID3's (or at least I have looked in all the places I could find in the various project files.

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    Re: Deployment of an app

    Check this recent thread for some clues: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=176585

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