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    invalid conversion from TDesC8 * to HBufC8 *


    I am new to Symbian C++, any help is greatly appreciated,

    I have defined a function as follows

    TDesC8* CsomeClass:: get _HBufC8_Ptr ()
    Return i_hbufc8_ptr;

    When i use :

    HBufC8* hbufcPtr = someObject-> get _HBufC8_Ptr();

    I get the error : invalid conversion from TDesC8* to HBufC8*

    Any ideas why ?

    Many thanks !

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    Re: invalid conversion from TDesC8 * to HBufC8 *

    Welcome to forum nokia Dibo.

    Since C++ is a statically typed language so the compiler cannot directly convert an object to its subtype. You have upcasted an HBufC8* to TDesC* , so downcasting will require a static or reinterpret cast (dynamic casting isnt available with sdk compilers). Please change to code below:

    HBufC8* hbufcPtr = STATIC_CAST(HBufC8*,someObject-> get _HBufC8_Ptr());


    HBufC8* hbufcPtr = (HBufC8*)(someObject-> get _HBufC8_Ptr());

    Hope that helps,

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    Re: invalid conversion from TDesC8 * to HBufC8 *

    There is no need to use casts with descriptors, in fact they should always be avoided.

    If you are returning a HBufC8* from a class and transferring ownership of that class then you should make the function return type a HBUfC8* also.

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