I am using CMdaAudioRecorderUtility in combination with ETel API for recording phone conversations.

Everything works fine for smaller calls (typically of duration less than 15 minutes).
With longer calls - typically with duration more than 30 minutes - following behavior is seen :

1> With longer calls - while the recorder still records the calls, the ubiquitous hardware beep stops.
(Please note - I *need* the beep during recording , beep stopped during recording actually indicates
me there is something wrong).
2> When application is kept running for several hours - perhaps running in days - at a stretch
(without stopping) similar behavior as described in point # 1 above is seen.

In short, things start going wrong with CMdaAudioRecorderUtility when the application is kept running
for several hours (and days) with recording of long calls. The first indicator of things going wrong being
the hardware recorder beep stops sounding.

Has anybody here faced similar issues with CMdaAudioRecorderUtility ?
Additionally, i am also open to idea of something being wrong with overall code (Memory Leaks would be my
favourite culprit - though a line by line inspection run through code shows nothing) and hence would more
than appreciate any advise on this aspect as well.

Thanks in advance for your help and attention.

- Mahesh.