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    Qt New Name and Domain

    This is part of a message was recently posted on LinkedIn by Alexandra Leisse from Qt.

    "Up here in the lovely Norwegian fjords we keep shuffling names and domains. This time we have moved to qt.nokia.com and will be refering to ourselves as Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks from now on.

    We want to increase the use of Qt by mobile phone developers. Especially now that our Qt for S60 product is progressing and with the recent Maemo announcement it made a lot of sense to strengthen our link to the Nokia brand."

    Please help us to make our community reflect this change. If you post new messages or wish to correct old one use Qt and http://qt.nokia.com instead of Qt Software and qtsoftware.com. Thank you for your assistance.


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    Re: Qt New Name and Domain

    Hmmm, we will definately take them in consideration.

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