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    Smile Protected theme removal (only S40)

    This is a easy way to remove protected Nokia themes from S40 phone
    (Nokia.nth, lemon.nth, etc. These themes comes with phone and you can't delete it from phone)

    You need:

    * Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 2.2
    * Nokia PC suite
    * Nokia S40 phone with protected theme

    Get started:

    1. connect your Nokia S40
    2. Start Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 2.2
    3. make your own theme with Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 2.2
    3.1. Screenshot: http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/799...themestudi.png
    4. rename your theme to "Nokia.nth"
    5. deploy to your Nokia S40
    6. find it on phone (C:/Gallery/Themes)
    7. now you have own theme here and can delete if you need


    Thanks for reading
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