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    Limitation of nokia 6510's calendar function

    Dear community,

    I would like to include a meeting notes in the calendar option which have the start time of 11:00 pm till 12:30am (next day) but it will prompt an error "End time is before the start time". It seems like the calendar does not support time spans across 2 days. Please advise if that can be done.

    Here are the steps to be done on the phone :

    If you go to the menu option of
    pick any date
    Make a note
    Key in the subject
    Save it
    Key in the start time as 11:00pm
    End time as 12:30am (the next day)


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    Dear Agnis,
    I asked at Nokia Club here (in Greece) about this limitation and they told me it's a software bug.
    I hope that in newer versions they fix it.
    At the moment the phone doesn't "support" meetings at these hours of the day...


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