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    openc ftp memory leakage

    when using open ftp API at the following manner:

    GLDEF_C TInt E32Main()
    CTrapCleanup* cleanupStack = CTrapCleanup::New();

    if (cleanupStack != NULL)
    char *command[] = {"send",

    qftp_main(10, command);
    delete cleanupStack;
    cleanupStack = NULL;
    __UHEAP_MARKEND; << here a panic is throw due memory leakage
    return KErrNone;

    Do anybody familiar with this problem?
    Anyway it seems this implementation of ftp is not so stable. Anyone knows another implementation of ftp at symbian? I was looking for that in the sdk and do not find.

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    Re: openc ftp memory leakage

    You can try if HookLogger shows something more: http://developer.symbian.com, Developer tools (in Tools & SDKs. - And of course check the Leak tutorial).
    If for any reason you are using Symbian ESTLIB, it is documented that you would need to invoke CloseSTDLIB in order to cleanup its resources.

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    Re: openc ftp memory leakage

    Open C allocates stuff in the background which is cleaned up when the application exits.

    So, you either need to use main() directly with libcrt0.lib linked in and do your heap marking inside there, or only mark the heap after your first use of an appropriate Open C function call. If not, you'll always get this error because the Open C stuff doesn't get allocated an initialised until you actually use it in a standard Symbian app without the "glue code".

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