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    Clarification: pdf -WAP Phone to server via NT RAS and modem

    In the pdf: http://download.forum.nokia.com/download/sg_nokiawapserver_and_winnt4ras.pdf
    page 1:
    There is references to a "WAP Phone as a WAP-enabled device" and the "Nokia 6150 as a dial-in phone connected using a serial cable".
    Are they one and they same device? Or are 2 phones needed in this setup?
    Is it possible to provide a diagram to show the relation/connection/usage in the setup?
    Is the 6150 a requirement in this setup or an example?

    page 23:
    "** If you use a data call enabled mobile phone as a dial-in phone then you have to use the data number of the mobile phone"
    Is this refering to the serially connected phone? ie the Nokia 6150?
    Is the data number given by the wireless network provider when the phone is activated?
    So if my serially connected phone is not data call enabled, I would use the regular (voice) number?
    Is the idea to use a WAP phone to call this serially connected phone then?


    Posted by Leo Ang, lang@taprootsystems.com
    on January 31, 2002 at 00:55

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    RE: Clarification: pdf -WAP Phone to server via NT RAS and modem

    Posted by Forum Nokia Developer Support,
    on February 04, 2002 at 10:01


    Nokia 6150 is used here as an eaxmple phone model of data enabled phone. It is possible to use any kind of phone that has the capability to work as a modem. So Nokia 6150 is connected to the server via serial cable and it acts as a modem. Then you will need a separate WAP enabled phone to connect to the server. Two phones are used in the example: one acts as a modem and one is used for WAP connections.

    When you use your WAP enabled phone to dial-in to the server, you will have to call to the data call number of your serially connected phone. You can get the data call number from your operator.

    Hope this helps!

    Kindly, Forum Nokia Developer Support

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