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    New Devices Supported at Ovi Store

    As a publisher for Ovi Store we wanted to update you on three new devices that will soon be supported by Ovi Store and to give you a chance to add your content items to these devices for distribution:

    - 6790 Surge
    - 6790 Slide
    - 6760 Slide

    You can learn more about these devices here: http://www.forum.nokia.com/Tools_Doc...son.xhtml?dev=[6760_slide,6790_slide,6790_Surge]

    When consumers access Ovi Store on these devices they will be able to discover your content and will help you increase your downloads.

    Because these devices are all part of the Symbian OS, S60 3.2 family of devices, this means if you have existing content for any of the other devices in this same family it should be compatible with the three new devices.

    - N96-3
    - N96
    - N86 8MP
    - N85
    - N79
    - N78
    - E75
    - E71x
    - E55
    - E52
    - 6730 Classic
    - 6720 Classic
    - 6710 Navigator
    - 6650
    - 6220 Classic
    - 6210 Navigator
    - 5730 XpressMusic
    - 5630 XpressMusic
    - 5320 XpressMusic

    You can now select these three new devices in the device distribution section of the Ovi Store publishing intake tool by following these steps:

    1. Login to publish.ovi.com
    2. Select a content item that you’ve published
    3. In the “Content Item” tab, scroll down to where you see the Files section
    4. Select “Details of file” for the file you want to add the three new devices to for distribution
    5. Select the “Distribution” tab at the top
    6. At the top you will see a box that says "This file is locked”. You have to unlock it before you can edit the distribution proposal. Right below there is a text link to "unlock" your content. Select the “unlock” link.
    7. In the Devices window, navigate to: S60 3rd Edition FP2 > 320x240
    8. You’ll see the three new devices listed: Nokia 6760 Slide, Nokia 6790 Slide, Nokia 6790Surge
    9. Specify the proposed capability to “Assumed to work”
    10. Select the “Save” button in the bottom left to save your changes
    11. Select the “File” tab
    12. Select the “Lock” button to lock your content item and submit to QA

    Should you have any questions regarding adding these three new devices to your content item distribution, please contact Publisher Support at publishtoovi.support@nokia.com.


    Please check the updates to our list by navigating to: http://nds2.fds-download.nokia.com/f...A0D63WJMVNDWLK

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