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    Installation problem of CameraWrapper embedded sis file

    Hello Everybody,

    I m using the camerawrapper.dll in my application which i ve got it from camera example.

    My problem is. This dll is in a signed sis file. So i m embedding this sis file to my application sis file. When i install my application at the first time both sis files install correctly and the application works fine.

    Afterward i install my application sis file again to update it. Then i go to menu to start my application but it doesnt respond. I check the applications form application manager and it cointains camerawrapper and also mine application. Everything seems fine but the application doesnt respond.

    I install the same sis file again, then it works fine.

    Can you help me with this problem.

    Thank you.

    ps. My sis file cointains dependecy line for the embedded sis file.

    @"camerawrapper.sisx", (0x2001ec5f)
    ; Dependency and required version
    (0x2001ec5f), *, *, *, {"CameraWrapper"}

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    Re: Installation problem of CameraWrapper embedded sis file

    If I remember this correctly there is a newer version of this wrapper in the Mobile Extensions package and it addresses the installation problem.

    Alternatively condider querying the existance of the wrapper on device and install it only if needed.
    -- Lucian

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