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    Post how to return different class instance, if at one time one object is present

    I have a class c which has instance of classes fs nad s.but will have one instance of class(either s or fs) at one time. The inline function foo returns object of s, in some cases need to return instance of fs using same function. Can any one help me how can i achive this. External class uses this finction to get information. Here only return type need to be different, depend on which class object is created at that time.

    class fs

    class s

    class c
    inline s foo()
    return s;

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    Re: how to return different class instance, if at one time one object is present

    The concrete return type has to be available in compilation time, so strictly said you can not do that. A thing you could do is returning a union of the two classes.
    You can also make s and fs to be relatives, and return pointers/refernces (const or non-const, depending on the use-case) to the higher level one - and provide a way to check what the actual object is.

    You can find more about C++ in a C++ book.

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