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    Exclamation Detection of emergency call--Signing Problem to all 3rd party developers

    Hi All Developers,

    I need a urgent help, from all VOIP application developers
    We had developed a VOIP application for Series 60 3rd edition devices, the issue we are facing is that for getting it signed we need to Hold/Hang up the VOIP on going call, if and emergency call like 911/112 is dialed.

    I am not getting any API to get an event whether user has dialed 911/112.
    Since 911/112 are two emergency numbers stored in Nokia devices, it is not dialed as normal numbers rather dialed as service request.

    Is there any way to get the notification whenever user dials 911/112 from default telephony ?

    If there is no such way to get it than how do all VOIP developers developing the 3rd party application on Nokia Devices will their application get signed, as new Symbian Signing criteria needs it.

    Last edited by Vibodh; 2009-08-19 at 11:25. Reason: Editing title so that can get reply as it is quite critical issue

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    Re: Detection of emergency call--Signing Problem to all 3rd party developers

    Hello Vibodh,

    Seen Your post while traversing the site . I am also facing the same problem , did u found any solution or the workaround for the Issue .
    Please Share your view with me


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