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    Code generation in carbide UI designer

    Hi All,

    I am new to GUI Applications. I referred this wiki link S60 View Architecture with UI Design. I tried to follow the things step by step. But later i found that the some of the code given generated in my env was not similar to wiki link. The wiki link gives Platform as S60 3rd Edition FP1.

    I have S60 3rd Edition FP2v1.1 (All in one). Does the code generation in carbide IDE depends upon the SDK? Or i am wrong somewhere.

    If possible please provide some links which gives step by step tutorial for GUI apps.


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    Re: Code generation in carbide UI designer

    It is not important whether the code is the same.
    What does matter is whether the auto-generated code works normally.

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    Re: Code generation in carbide UI designer


    Thanks for your reply. I hope you can understand as I am new to these things not able to catch up immediatly.

    One more thing i wanted to ask is we have Normal GUI application and GUI application with UI designer.

    Which option is generally used for making applications?

    Any pointers for resources on GUI applications will help.


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    Re: Code generation in carbide UI designer

    while you are creating project using GUI application or GUI application with UI designer
    your application code files will be the same.
    The only difference is that if you choose UI designer you will have few additional files in your project with extension .uidesign

    Thanks to them you will be able to design your application gui by using carbide components.
    Thanks to it you can select some UI object, add it to your application view and UI designer will generate code in your files for you.

    ++ very useful for beginners
    ++ you can learn how to code GUI elements

    -- each time when you change something in UI designer and save it it will overwrite all items which it has created so if you customize some of generated code your changes will be lost
    -- it happens that it will make your code unable to compile if you destroys generated code structure ( thanks to "replace with local history" you can save your project)

    for the beginning use UI designer if you can.
    After you get understand how to use generated components you will just have trash project with UI designer and you will just copy and paste generated components:)

    Someone might not agree with my opinion but it s only my opinion :)

    Good luck


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