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    homescreen widget publishing

    Hi all! I have already asked about how to publish wideimage template on HomeScreen widget. But there's one more question i have to ask: Is there any ability to publish widget with through mbm file ?
    I'm trying to do as follows:
    iHsWidgetPublisher->getHsWidget(iWidgetTemplate, __STR_DEFAULT_DOCUMENT_NAME, 
    				UID).setItem("image1", "mif(c:\\data\\allbitmap.mbm 0 1)");
    and it works fine on emulator! But trying to execute this code on real device causes only the "Loading content" to appear on the screen.
    Can anyone tell me if this functionality is supported?

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    Re: homescreen widget publishing

    Can not someone from Nokia experts answer this question? There's a lack of documentation and i really don't know what to tkink in this situation.

    Any help will be of great appreciation!

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