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    Unhappy Wallpaper Download Not Working

    I am tryong to build a WAP portal which has option for downloading wallpaper. I have used renamed .JPG to a .NOKC and setting this in the MIME types as "image/vnd.nok-wallpaper". The problem which I am facing is that its not working with N series handsets.

    Any idea why and if possible what is the solution

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    Re: Wallpaper Download Not Working

    It's the fist time I see this image/vnd.nok-wallpaper mime type and I have two comments about it:
    - seems to be a legacy mime
    - a quick check with Nokia N95's uaprof indicates that the mime is not supported.

    If you indicate the documentation according to which you are trying to make this work I can try to help you. Also, why not use OMA DM Forward Lock to send wallpapers to the smartphones?
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Wallpaper Download Not Working

    Please renamed .JPG file to gif. After that check it.

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