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    Cleanup default landmark storage on N97

    Hi all,

    I've got the following problem: I've converted successfully a data file consisting of approx. 8000 landmarks to lmx format - opening the file by file manager was possible, but during import of these landmarks the landmark application has crashed (closed without error message). Now, it's still possible to open the landmark application but neither it's possible to see the already imported landmarks (nothing is showed) nor it is possible to import or manual create further landmarks. It seems that the only solution (without device resetting) is to cleanup the default landmark storage. OK, one (clean) way might be to write a code snippet in C++ to do this - but my question is: is there another way, e.g. by identifying the corresponding database file on the device an deleting it? By Y-Browser I was not able to find a file like "eposlm.ldb" or any other "*ldb"-files - what is the name of the default landmark database storage file? Where is it stored under S60 5th edt. on a N97?

    Thanks in advance.
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