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    Unhappy Sales dropped to zero... Ovi content management problems again?


    our app (Clipiti) seems to have partially disappeared again from Ovi
    I thought these problems were behind us, by now...

    The app is still available on the store ( go to http://store.ovi.com/content/680C42A...40050A85325203 if you're curious, but you'll have to change the default device from N97 to something else - we're still pending QA's approval for that model)
    Unfortunately for us, the app can't be found if you don't know the URL. For example, it won't show up in the results when you search for "Clipiti" or for "Video".

    We noticed 8 days ago that our daily sales dropped to zero but it took us some time to understand what's going on...

    Has anyone else noticed a similar problem in Ovi's content management system over the last couple of days?

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