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    Angry S60 widget vanishes after reboot

    Dear Forum Nokia members,

    I'm having a serious problem while developing a S60 homescreen widget. Note: it's not WRT widget, nor QT widget. It's a widget created using Home Screen Publishing API.

    I've created an autostarting service which registers the widget and publishes the content. I can choose my widget from the "Add content" list and can see it on the homescreen. The service publishes the new content in the background.

    Unfortunately, after the phone reboots the widget disappears. It's visible for 3-5 seconds, and after that vanishes.

    I spent over 3 days trying to figure out what's going on, but without luck. I've separated part of my source code responsible for widget creation and publishing. It's available here.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Tested on Nokia N97.


    El Orson

    //EDIT when widget is registered/published by application which is standard "GUI application from Carbide Wizard" everything works fine. Even, application exe file is fired automatically. Any ideas, which commponets/services I should launch to get this functionality with CService2 ?
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    Re: S60 widget vanishes after reboot

    I would strongly encourage you to stick with the GUI approach as shown by all the examples. The Symbian GUI framework does a lot of complex interfacing with servers that underneath need a lot of deep Symbian experience to get right if you remove the gui framework.

    Your application will be required to auto start since this boots up the widget and registers it with the homescreen server. Thus allowing your UI to then push updates to the widget to the homeserver application screen when required.

    Make sure you have enabled extended panics as documented in the wiki and add logging to make sure your application is not terminating due to a panic since this would be the reason your app stops and takes down the widget.
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