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    7210 Screensavers,Enhanced Memory....

    I'd like to know if an animated screensaver can be downloaded via GPRS or by PC Suite 5.0? Will it replace the existing digital clock screensaver?
    Furthermore also would like to know if there is anyway I can enhance the memory of my 7210, by getting the firmware upgraded or any other way? Phone Memory seems less when number of applications are to be used.

    After downloading games from Nokia, whish are in .sis format which I cannot upload it to my phone by PCSuite 5.0, I'd like to know how to get .sis files uploaded to my phone?

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    Some answers


    Here are some answers:

    a) Animated Screensavers you cannot upload, but using PS Suite 5.xx you can upload background images (wallpapers) to your phone.

    b) No, basically you cannot add memory. Firmware upgrade might change a little bit the memory, but the changes can be both sides and are probably so tiny changes, that it doesn't help you

    c) You cannot use .sis files, because SIS-files are for Symbian devices like Nokia 9210i, Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650 and/or Nokia N-Gage (game device). Nokia 7210 support only Java-games and Applications (MIDP v1.0) You can found more java-games and applications for example from Nokia Software Market:

    Device specifications you can found from:

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