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    changing contact values in phonebook

    Hi together,

    I would like to change the stored values of a contact. That means if a contact has a firstname I would like to change the value of this entry via a py-script.

    I read the pyS60 reference and found that there is a class named ContactField with a attribute value but I didn't get the right syntax for using it.

    can anyone help me with this issue?

    Many thanks,

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    Re: changing contact values in phonebook


    If I understood your requirement, this is what you need:
    import contacts
    db = contacts.open()
    #Find the contacts that contain the name which you want to change
    #This will return a list of matching contacts; you have to make sure the first name is the one you want, then change it
    for c in db.find('Jim'):
    	if c.find('first_name')[0].value == u"Jim":
    		c.find('first_name')[0].value = u"James"
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    Re: changing contact values in phonebook

    i recommend you read here for field types http://pys60.garage.maemo.org/doc/s60/node83.html and experimenting with Python Shell should help you understand. use the dir(<var>) too.
    There are a few articles in the wiki too

    but here's a specific example
    import contacts
    c=contacts.open() #access contacts db
    Lc=c.find('home') #search entry named 'Home', returns a list 
    contact=Lc[0] #lets assume there's only one result
    contact_no=contact.find('phone_number')[0] #retrieves the phone_number field
    print contact_no.value #display the current number
    now check your phonebook
    PyS60 1.9.7 on E71

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    Re: changing contact values in phonebook

    thanks a lot! that was exactly what I have searched for!

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