I need to customize the skin of my application, which includes the CBA and it's MenuBar/MenuPane.
I have managed to do all I want except:
- remove the MenuPane's scrollbar
- change the MenuPane's font

I tried to disable the scrollbar with (in DynInitMenuPaneL(TInt aResourceId, CEikMenuPane* aMenuPane)):

but no deal.
My MenuPane only has two items but it seems that the scrollbar is always shown, even when there's nothing to scroll.
I am also aware that an instance of CEikScrollBarFrame can be disable with:

The problem here is that I don't have access to the MenuPane's scrollbar.

The second problem is with the MenuPane's font, for which I can't find a way to override. The MenuPane contains an array of CEikMenuPaneItem that hold the text value as a TBuf (not something that can have an associated font like a CEikLabel).

Any help on any of these two issues is appreciated.