Good day.

I made a midp 2.0 cldc 1.0 application that use JSR75 (for PIM and File Connection).
On my Samsung ZV10 when I try to run the midlets I obtain the above errors:
java.lang.NoCallsDefFoundError javax/microedition/pim/PIMEception
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError javax/microedition/io/file/FileConnection

I suppose that the phone is incompatible with JSR75.

I try it on Nokia 6600 and the same midlets don't run (I suppose for identical reason; any message appears).
On Nokia E65 all run correctly.

I should want to having one version for all phones and then I ask you if is it possible to set something on midp application in order to disable the use of JSR75 for the phones non compatible with it (a type of try catch to application level).

Best regards and good work.

Stefano Errani